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Replacing LensCrafters Glasses in Poughkeepsie

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Why does a talented Poughkeepsie architect owe the soaring success of his career to LensCrafters? It all goes back to a breakthrough project, a toddler playing with dolls, and a broken pair of glasses.

Owen C. finally landed the contract of his dreams for a contemporary office complex, yet it came with a catch. He had to complete the design, which featured many unique and striking details that the client requested, within a very tight deadline. Fortunately, his creative juices flowed and he was ready to put the final touches on the master blueprints with enough time to submit the project without any overdue delays. Sound too good to be true? It almost was.

Working through the night in his home office, Owen dozed off at his computer in the predawn hours. At some point while he slept, his multifocal glasses slipped down his nose and fell to the floor. This accident only caused a mild bend in the bridge of the frames, which could be easily fixed with a quick adjustment from the nearby LensCrafters at Galleria Mall, where Owen had purchased the frames.

However, when his two-year old daughter found him sleeping in the early morning, she kindly let her father stay asleep and went to play. On the way, she spotted a great pair of eyeglasses on the floor – perfect for dressing up her stuffed animals. Snap! By the time Owen woke up and located his glasses, they were misshaped completely and missing a temple from being stretched to fit on big teddy’s fluffy face.

Without the right eyewear as soon as possible, Owen wouldn’t be able to complete the architectural plans on time for his client. That’s where the LensCrafters team of opticians in Galleria Mall saved the day and his career, and restored peace to father-daughter playtime. He brought the broken multifocal eyeglasses into LensCrafters and explained the urgency to a compassionate staff member, who promptly found an identical pair of replacement frames and brought them to the on-site lab technician. Due to the fully equipped laboratory in the back of the Poughkeepsie store, Owen received his replacement eyeglasses within one hour.

He was able to see and finish all the details on his blueprints with optimal precision and submit them with confidence in a job done perfectly. The client was thrilled and the building received raving reviews that won Owen many more lucrative contracts.

When it comes to having sharp vision all the time – you can depend upon LensCrafters. They offer an extensive and stylish collection of eyeglass frames to satisfy any fashion taste and visual requirements. Also, they understand that glasses break. And when they do, eyesight cannot be put on hold. Along with fixing frames that are bent out of shape and supplying replacement pairs of glasses, LensCrafters in Galleria Mall can repair scratched and broken lenses quickly. They use state-of-the-art technology, such as AccuFit Digital Measurement, to craft new eyeglass and sunglass lenses in about an hour. This system creates lenses that fit precisely.

Owen was so thankful to the Poughkeepsie LensCrafters for repairing his eyeglasses in time for his deadline, that he was prepared to pay double for the express service. However, the optician informed him that the repair and replacement parts were covered by the LensCrafters Eyewear Protection Plan he had purchased when he bought his glasses. Instead, to show his gratitude Owen donated to OneSight, an organization dedicated to eliminate the global vision care crisis.